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Ritals & Treatments

I choose my favorite massage…

15 MN

Délassant des Jambes (Relaxation for the legs) : anti-tiredness treatment beneficial for your circulation.

Détente du Dos (Relaxation for the back): naturally relaxing wellness massage for the back.

Rituel du Cuir Chevelu (Scalp Ritual): release built-up tensions.

30 MN

Eclat & sérénité (Radiance & serenity)Soin Sothys : facial relaxation and wellness massage of your upper body. Tensions will disappear, your facial features will relax naturally.

Rituel Fleurs de Bali® (Bali® flower Ritual) Soin Cinq Mondes : the benefits of the natural active ingredients of tropical flowers at the service of your body.

Douceur & apaisement (Gentle & soothing) : relaxing wellness massage for the legs and back.

Shirotchampi : from the art of Indian massage, to eliminate mental tensions accumulated in the upper body.

Visite en Orient (Visit to the Orient) Soin Cinq Mondes : you are enveloped by delicately perfumed and heated argan,
olive and sesame oils and slow and deep-reaching massage movements for moments of pure well-being.

Thai Reflexology : natural rebalancing through acupressure on plantar reflex points.

Gommage & hydratation (Exfoliation and hydration) : eliminates bodily dryness, your skin is satiny, and your tiredness dispelled.

Enveloppement & hydratation (Wrap and hydration) : detoxified and free from stress, tiredness and tension.

45 MN

Rituel Fleurs & Fruits de Bali® (Flowers and Fruits of Bali® Ritual) Soin Cinq Mondes : a skin improving treatment for
a sublime complexion combined with the benefits of natural fruit acids and active natural ingredients from tropical flowers.

Rituel aux cinq fleurs® (Five flower ritual®) Soin Cinq Mondes : this Balinese ritual combines extracts of five tropical
flowers with a facial, neck and trapezius muscle massage, for a beautiful and radiant skin.

Ko Bi Do Soin Cinq Mondes : lifting and plumping, this ancient Japanese ritual which inspired Cinq Mondes with its
deep-reaching massage movements, is performed on the entire face and neck. Toned, smooth
and plumped, your skin is reborn

Tradition Orientale Soin Cinq Mondes  (Oriental Tradition) : delicately perfumed argan, olive and sesame oil and slow,
deep and enveloping movements, for moments of pure well-being…

Indian Ayurvedic Soin Cinq Mondes : this ancient tradition of the Indian people varies its rhythms. Fragrances of vanillla and cardamom and the gentle warmth of oil for an invigorating treatment.

Sublime de Polynésie (Sublime Polynesian massage) Soin Cinq Mondes : inspired by healers and Lomi-Lomi, the forearms combine pressure and long and continuous movements, while the delicate fragrance of Tiaré flowers help you let go completely.

Balinese Soin Cinq Mondes : a universe of tranquillity is offered by this ancient Balinese ritual with a “Tropical nuts
melting body balm”. A sensory escape, with traditional Thai smoothing massage and gentle stretching.

Spécifique Dos (Special Back Treatment) : complete cleansing treatment combined with a relaxing wellness massage.

Californian : from the New Age era, the most soothing of wellness massages as it helps you reax and is gentle.

60 MN

L’Absolu Visage (the Complete Facial) Soin Sothys: essential and adapted for your skin. After cleansing there is a light exfoliation, followed by a massage and a suitable mask, making your complexion delicate and radiant.

Abhyanga : this soothing and gentle Indian ritual eliminates tiredness, and banishes internal restlessness.

Tuina : an Asian inspired slimming treatment. Draining and firming, this treatment improves the blood
circulation and provides longlasting detoxification. The slimming effect is visible after several sessions.

Mineral Ritual with hot stones: combined action of the hands and the stones frees your energies, and
tensions slip away.

Shiatsu : ancient Chinese anti-stress treatment, in which the hands apply deep, invigorating and rebalancing pressure to the meridians, unblock tensions and eliminate your tiredness, making you feel calm.

Thai Oil : a traditional protocol of the art of massage which is energetic and deep reaching, with gentle stretching for intense relaxation to reactivate the bodily functions.

Balinese : Indonesian ritual whose particularly relaxing effect improves the circulation and sculpts your figure.

75 MN

Perfection Visage (Facial Perfection) Soin Sothys: a beauty treatment which smooths out signs of tiredness
and refines your fragile dermis, depending on your skin type. The visible benefits of the wellness
massage and the treatment are good for your well-being.

Precious Ko Bi Do Soin Cinq Mondes : real manual face lift inspired by Japan. A comprehensive anti-ageing massage,
with deep-reaching action on wrinkles and a firming effect, for immediate radiance. Contours of eyes,
mouth, neckline and arms; regain a smooth, soft skin, your complexion will be radiant and your mind
completely relaxed, as if it were defying the effects of time…

Siro Abhyanga : an Abhyanga protocol, soothing and gentle, combines the application of pouches of aromatic herbs, plants and rare spices, infusing their gentle warmth and benefits. You will feel rebalanced and enveloped in sweetness.

Rituel des Iles – Polynésie (Ritual of the Isles) Soin Cinq Mondes : Polynesia Lomi-Lomi massage inherited from healers, inspired this sublime wellness massage which invites you to let go. A forearm massage amidst the delicate perfume of Tiaré flowers, consisting of pressure alternating with long and continuous movements. An immersion in a far away world, in a paradise which awakens your senses, like a daydream with multiple dimensions…

Balinais Décontractant (Relaxing Balinese) Soin Cinq Mondes : this ancient massage is combined with the enveloping
benefits of the “Tropical nuts melting body balm”. You are invited on a sensory journey, with traditional smoothing movements and gentle stretching: a world of tranquillity.

Rituel de l’Atlas (Atlas Ritual) Soin Cinq Mondes : exfoliation, wrap, and massage with delicate & perfumed argan,
olive and sesame oil.

90 MN

Excellence Secrets de Sothys® (Secrets of Sothys® Excellence) Soin Sothys: an unforgettable moment of wellness and an exemplary treatment. Beautifying and effective: hydration, anti-ageing, radiance and firmness from.

Symphonie à 4 mains (Symphony with 4 hands) : inspired by the passion of our therapists. Your mind will be freed from tension, and escape into a world of exquisite sweetness. A must-have massage for a liberating internal journey. 2 practioners operate for a 45 mn massage duration.

Traditional Thai : floor massage wearing loose fitting garments, you lie on the floor. Uses yoga postures and stretching, ideal for gently stretching and extending the muscles, so you can derive deep benefit from your relaxation. Incomparable.